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Are you looking for ways to retain your customers, bring more business through the door or host a memorable one-time event?  Turn your customer base into a community with the help of a weekly event hosted by Pour Entertainment.  Our energized, professional staff of hosts and DJ's will engage with your guests weekly to keep them in their seats, buying food, servicing your bar and most importantly, coming back.

Bring us to your business.

Here's what it takes.

If you want to bring a weekly event to your establishment, consider the following specifications that will ensure the optimal experience for your guests.


Our venues need the following;

  • Reliable WiFi access

  • Safe access to power outlets

  • At least 6ftx4ft for host station and equipment set up

  • Plenty of space for customers to interact with the event



Our hosts are energetic, play music loudly (never too loud), and they engage with guests.  We love to entertain customers who are looking for more than just a quiet dining or bar experience. Let’s give your customers just this by setting the expectation of a fun and lively environment. 



Our events enhance the party experience, and it's always a better experience when food and drinks specials are available.  We will advertise any food or drink specials to help increase attendance to the events.

Plus, this brings increased revenue sales to your venue. No brainer!



As a P.E. Partner, our events will only be as successful as our relationship with your venue. 


We prefer to actively collaborate with your marketing team to promote all upcoming events. At a minimum, we require our venues to have a social media profile and actively promote upcoming events.



Some of our events award prizes, such as, beverages, t-shirts, and swag!   What we have learned is that guests love most gift cards and coupons from the venue.  We will work closely with your venue to provide the most desirable prizes for your event’s needs. Prizes are to be provided by your venue, or included in your invoice if provided by Pour Entertainment.

Get started.

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